Personal Teleportation Pad

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Personal Teleportation Pad
Personal Teleportation Pad.png
Personal Teleportation Pad

Personal Teleportation Pad

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Personal Teleportation Pad is a machine added by HEXCraft which allows teleportation.



The teleportation pad is obtained by a crafting recipe which is made up of a lot of different HEXCraft components.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Personal Teleportation Pad

Hexorium Machine Block +
Molecular Recoder +
Material Interaction Plane +
Teleportation Field Projectors +
Machine Energy Routers +
Iron Ingots

Teleportation Field Projector Material Interaction Plane Teleportation Field Projector Grid layout Arrow (small).png Personal Teleportation Pad
Molecular Recoder Hexorium Machine Block Machine Energy Router
Iron Ingot Machine Energy Router Iron Ingot


Personal Teleportation Pad is a machine used to teleport a player between two locations. Unlike other machines, this one has two ports for the HEX Energy Network. The one on the side is used for charging the pad, while the one on bottom is used to link two pads together. Do note that the teleportation pads can use same network for both the teleportation transfer and energy transfer.

A single teleportation pad can store energy equal to four Coals, and uses two Coals per teleportation. This means it is possible to teleport two times on a single charge, but it can be changed in config. The charge time equals the amount that the pad can pull from the network. Two generators will charge it twice faster than just one, etc. The energy input is unlimited and will pull energy from all available generators until completely charged. If the pad is able to receive energy, it will change its texture.

To link two teleports, they need to be on the same network from the bottom port. Once they are, they can be linked using the Hexorium Manipulator. To link them, first right click on the first one with the manipulator, and then on second. If everything was done correctly, they will link up. Note that the destination pad won't use any energy when teleporting. The manipulator can also be used to rotate the pad, by sneak-right clicking.

To initialize a teleport, Redstone signal needs to be provided, either with a Button, Lever, or redstone power lines. Once it receives a signal, a charge-up time is active (with a special animation), which lasts for a total of four seconds. At this point, the teleportation cannot be stopped and will be wasted if a player does not stand on top of the teleportation pad.

The teleportation does not come without a cost - it deals two hearts damage to the player, and applies a Nausea debuff which lasts for a short time. These negative effects can be turned off in config, same as the whole teleportation pad.


Personal Teleportation Pad from back.
Personal Teleportation Pad from bottom. The two network ports are clearly visible.
Cables plugged into the pad. Cyan cable is for energy, purple is for teleportation.
The look of the pad once it can receive energy.
A teleportation in progress. Also, a simple teleportation system is visible on the screenshot.
Glow-in-dark effect of the teleportation.
The view from inside the teleportation field.
GUI of the Personal Teleportation Pad.


Personal Teleportation Pad was designed by CelesTek Technologies thanks to a very interesting discovery. It was believed that Black Hexorium Crystals can only affect Energized Hexorium, but this was proven to be incorrect. With large enough quantities, they are able to affect even regular matter. In the teleportation pad, Teleportation Field Projectors create a special field around a person to create a special resonant frequency. Then, a Material Interaction Plane destabilizes the molecules and reads the data. This requires a huge amount of energy and consumes half of the energy required for a single teleportation. This data is then sent to the Molecular Recoder. The recoder converts this data in to an energy pulse. This pulse is then sent through the HEX Energy Network. Once it reaches a destination teleportation pad, the process happens backwards. The second half of energy is consumed at this point. The teleportation is not the most pleasant of experiences, as the whole molecular structure is dis-assembled, essentially killing a person, and then re-assembled at the new location. The process is both painful and disorientating, so it is not advised to use the Personal Teleportation Pad too much.