Material Interaction Plane

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Material Interaction Plane
Material Interaction Plane.png
Material Interaction Plane

Material Interaction Plane

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Machine Components


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Material Interaction Plane is a crafting component added by the mod HEXCraft.



The plane can be obtained by a crafting recipe involving a large amount of Black Hexorium Crystals and a Hexorium Processor.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Material Interaction Plane

Hexorium Processor +
Black Hexorium Crystals +
Gold Nuggets +

Black Hexorium Crystal Black Hexorium Crystal Black Hexorium Crystal Grid layout Arrow (small).png Material Interaction Plane
Black Hexorium Crystal Redstone Black Hexorium Crystal
Gold Nugget Hexorium Processor Gold Nugget


Crafting Ingredient

Material Interaction Plane is a key component for the construction of Personal Teleportation Pad.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Personal Teleportation Pad

Material Interaction Plane +
Hexorium Machine Block +
Molecular Recoder +
Teleportation Field Projectors +
Machine Energy Routers +
Iron Ingots

Teleportation Field Projector Material Interaction Plane Teleportation Field Projector Grid layout Arrow (small).png Personal Teleportation Pad
Molecular Recoder Hexorium Machine Block Machine Energy Router
Iron Ingot Machine Energy Router Iron Ingot


Material Interaction Plane is a device which uses the power of Black Hexorium Crystals to manipulate matter beyond just Energized Hexorium. Tests have shown that when in high enough number, black crystals have the power to re-adjust the molecular structure of normal matter too. This plane is used inside the Personal Teleportation Pad to deconstruct and reconstruct people, so they can be transported over the HEX Energy Network.