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CelesTek Technologies is a company devoted to the research of Hexorium.


After seeing a large number of complaints from adventurers that they don't have much to do with Xychorium other than decorate, a group of scientists has teamed up in 14th of April 2015 in an effort to perform heavy research on this mineral and find good use for it. They named themselves "CelesTek Technologies".

Early Discoveries

They begun their research with Red, Green and Blue crystals. Upon examining the naturally formed monoliths and examining the crystalline structure, they decided to rename the crystals to "Hexorium", as this name fits better. Studies on these crystals shown that their conductivity isn't that great and that their use might indeed be limited to decorative purposes.

Luckily, on 19th of April 2015, one of the researchers accidentally had Redstone dust fall on one of the crystals. The result was shocking: the crystal completely changed its structure and became a solid-fluid. Testing conductivity on this new material was difficult due to its properties, but studies have shown that it has amazing conductivity. It was also discovered that all colors can be acquired through combining differently colored crystals. At that moment, it was decided that all of the technology should be based on this special "Energized Hexorium". However, trying to apply force to this material showed that it is extremely brittle and easy to break.

The company continued its research, now moving on to White and Black crystals. During spelunking expeditions, it was found that Black and White crystals only appear in much bigger depths. The first theory about this was pressure. But, more studies have shown that light seems to also play some sort of an effect in this. Studying the composition of White crystals, it was found that these crystals are actually made up of tightly packed Red, Green and Blue crystals. In fact, Black crystals seemed to have identical composition to that of White, just much more dense. Due to all of the different clues, it was decided to call the process of White and Black crystal formation "Discoloration".

Conductivity studies performed on White and Black crystals showed that they have better conductivity than Red, Green and Blue crystals, and that Black ones are much better than White. The results of these studies gave birth to Hexorium Processors and Hexorium Coprocessors, which will be extensively used in all electronics.

Further Development

Now that the electronics have been devised, it was time to decide what to do with them. To help the scientists, Hexorium Manipulator was designed. This tool was used to safely move Energized Hexorium around without breaking it.

But, some machines had to be designed too. The first idea was to modernize furnaces. Instead of the good old Furnace, why not have a modern one that runs off Hexorium energy? The first model was designed to work similar to the old Furnace. Fuel would be burned in the Hexorium Generator and then HEX energy would be transferred through Hexorium Cables to the Hexorium Furnace. And it worked. Soon Crystal Separator followed. This machine was designed to help scientists obtain more crystals for their research.

But, there was a problem. How to transfer this energy over longer distances? The answer was again with Energized Hexorium, but a different form of it. Unlike regular Hexorium, energized is chaotic. The idea was to create special pylons to beam the energy over distances, but it was impossible to do with the current shape of Energized Hexorium. To solve this issue, Matrix Reconstructor was designed. This machine uses larger amount of energy to artificially reconstruct Energized Hexorium matrix into Energized Hexorium Monoliths. This worked great, and soon Energy Pylon was created to satisfy the long-distance transfer needs.

On 24th of May 2015, CelesTek Technologies decided to publish their results in the field so far, and let the general public use their technology.


CelesTek Technologies vows to continue researching Hexorium and to bring even more discoveries and devices to the public.