Hexorium Furnace

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Hexorium Furnace
Hexorium Furnace.png
Hexorium Furnace

Hexorium Furnace

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32 HEX/t


Yes (64)



Hexorium Furnace is a machine added by HEXCraft.



The furnace is obtained by a crafting recipe which is made up of a lot of different HEXCraft components.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Hexorium Furnace

Hexorium Machine Block +
Machine Control Panel +
Machine Energy Router +
Heating Arrays +
Iron Ingots

Iron Ingot Machine Control Panel Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hexorium Furnace
Heating Array Hexorium Machine Block Heating Array
Iron Ingot Machine Energy Router Iron Ingot


Hexorium Furnace is used to smelt items in a same way as the regular Furnace does. However, this furnace uses HEX energy for the smelting purposes instead of regular fuel and can smelt up to 16 items per one Coal. To make the machine usable, it has to be linked with a HEX Energy Network via the back port using a Hexorium Cable or a Pylon Base. Once the machine is receiving some power, small RGB lights will light up, signalling that it is correctly connected. The machine consumes 32 HEX/t energy, exactly the same amount that Hexorium Generator produces. If the furnace is receiving insufficient amounts of energy, it will still work, but slower. When the energy is sufficient, the input text is marked green, when it is insufficient, it is marked red. If the machine suddenly loses power, the processing progress will reset. When the machine is processing items, it will change its texture and start emitting light. Note that ingredients to be processed are inserted from top and the resulting items are pulled from front. The machine can be rotated using the Hexorium Manipulator. Some examples of recipes are listed below.

Name Ingredients Hexorium Furnace recipe

Iron Ingot

Iron Ore

Iron Ore Grid layout Hexorium Furnace Progress.png Iron Ingot
Grid layout 32HEX.png

Gold Ingot

Gold Ore

Gold Ore Grid layout Hexorium Furnace Progress.png Gold Ingot
Grid layout 32HEX.png


Hexorium Furnace from front.
Hexorium Furnace from back. The cable port is visible.
Cable plugged into the furnace.
The furnace is able to pull energy, as indicated with the lights.
Furnace is processing items.
Glow-in-dark effect.
GUI of the furnace.


Hexorium Furnace is a Hexorium machine designed by CelesTek Technologies. The purpose of the furnace is to replace the low-tech standard Furnace and thus allow for more simplified smelting process. The furnace uses HEX energy which is routed from the back. The energy is then transferred to the Heating Arrays which emit the heat needed to smelt the items. Each of the array pulls a total of 16 HEX/t to properly function, so the total energy consumption of the furnace is 32 HEX/t.