Quantum Observer

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Quantum Observer
Quantum Observer.png
Quantum Observer

Quantum Observer

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4 HEX/t - 480 HEX/t


Yes (64)



Quantum Observer is a machine and a multiblock added by HEXCraft.



The observer is obtained by a crafting recipe which is made up of a lot of different HEXCraft components.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Quantum Observer

Observational Eye +
Energized Hexorium (Black) +
Machine Control Panel +
Machine Energy Router +
Iron Bars +
Iron Ingots

Machine Control Panel Machine Energy Router Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Quantum Observer
Iron Ingot Observational Eye Iron Ingot
Iron Bars Energized Hexorium (Black) Iron Bars


The Quantum Observer is a machine and a multiblock used to keep chunks loaded in an area without the player present. It is similar to chunk loaders from other popular mods, but with a few twists.

The Quantum Observer.

Forming The Structure

The structure is formed out of a single Quantum Observer and multiple Quantum Anchors. The number of anchors that should be used ranges from 1 to 6, depending on the number of chunks to be loaded. The first anchor will load only the chunk that the structure is in, while every additional anchor will load an additional ring of chunks around the previous area.

Internal structure of the Quantum Observer multiblock.

Each anchor needs to be surrounded by 4 solid blocks. It doesn't matter which ones are used, can be vanilla Minecraft's Stone or HEXCraft's Framed Hexorium Block, as long as the blocks are solid. Anchors which are not surrounded by solid blocks will not be counted towards the multiblock.

Anchors surrounded by solid blocks.

Loading the Chunks

For the observer to work, HEX power needs to be provided, along with a Redstone signal. Different number of chunks will require different amounts of power. The table below shows the default values, but these values can be reconfigured in the mod's config. Loading a single chunk can be cheap, and you could easily run up to 8 1x1 Quantum Observers on a single Hexorium Generator, but loading a large area will quickly get expensive. In case there is not enough power, the observer will keep consuming what it can but it will NOT be loading any chunks. This is important to remember.

Anchor Count Chunk Area Energy Usage
1 1x1 4 HEX/t
2 3x3 32 HEX/t
3 5x5 96 HEX/t
4 7x7 192 HEX/t
5 9x9 320 HEX/t
6 11x11 480 HEX/t

The required energy, along with the chunk area can be read at any time using the observer's built in GUI.

Quantum Observer GUI.

Here is an example of a 5x5 observer powered by 3 Hexorium Generators and turned on using a Hexorium Switch.

A powered 5x5 observer.

Additionally, thanks to the anchor solid block mechanics, it is possible to automate the Quantum Observer using Pistons. A Piston may be used to push a solid block towards and away from an anchor, dynamically toggling the chunk area size using Redstone. Needless to say, some very creative designs can be made.

Dynamically toggling the chunk area size.


Quantum Observer is highly advanced machine used to keep a presence in an area. It is well known that one has to observe something for it to actually happen. Just like this, the device observes the world it is in to allow for things to keep happening. Making use of the quantum properties of the built in self-aware Observational Eye and the all of the black Energized Hexorium both in itself and in all of the Quantum Anchors, the machine effectively "hooks up" to the world around it and observes it as long as it is receiving sufficient power.