Observational Eye

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Observational Eye
Observational Eye.png
Observational Eye

Observational Eye

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Machine Components


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Observational Eye is a crafting component added by the mod HEXCraft.



The eye can be obtained by a crafting recipe which involves an Energized Hexorium Monolith (Black), an Eye of Ender, and a Hexorium Processor.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Observational Eye

Energized Hexorium Monolith (Black) +
Eye of Ender +
Hexorium Processor

Energized Hexorium Monolith (Black)
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Observational Eye

Eye of Ender

Hexorium Processor


Crafting Ingredient

Observational Eye is a key component for the construction of the Quantum Observer.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Quantum Observer

Observational Eye +
Energized Hexorium (Black) +
Machine Control Panel +
Machine Energy Router +
Iron Bars +
Iron Ingots

Machine Control Panel Machine Energy Router Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Quantum Observer
Iron Ingot Observational Eye Iron Ingot
Iron Bars Energized Hexorium (Black) Iron Bars


Observational Eye is a rather weird piece of technology. Thanks to the black Hexorium's quantum properties, combined with the weird properties of an Eye of Ender, the device exhibits almost some sort of a self-awareness. This awareness can be harnessed to observe an area and promote things to happen as if someone was actually present.