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Hexorium Tank is a multiblock structure from HEXCraft designed to store fluids.

Forming The Structure

To create the tank, you will need one or more Tank Valves and a number of other Hexorium decorative blocks. These blocks are limited to the following (all colors work):

There are a few important rules to building the tank:

  • As mentioned before, the tank can only be made out of the specified Hexorium blocks.
  • The tank can be a maximum size of 18x18x18 blocks on the outside (16x16x16 on the inside). This size can be configured in the config file.
  • Each air block inside the tank can store 16 buckets of fluid. This amount can be changed in the config file.
  • Tanks cannot have a shared wall.
  • The tank cannot be formed from the inside.
  • Tank Valves can only be placed on the side faces of the tank, not on the bottom, top or in corners.
  • Valves have to be correctly orientated for the tank to be formed.

To form the tank, simply use a Hexorium Manipulator on one of the valves. Keep in mind that this valve will become a master valve, and other slaves. The master valve is the one that actually holds all fluids, so you should avoid destroying it unless absolutely necessary. When a tank has been successfully formed, the valves will change their texture from red to green and a chat message about the success will be shown.

A built Hexorium Tank ready to be formed.
Successfully forming a tank.


The usage of the tank is simple. Fluids can be drained and inserted into the tank by connecting the valves to pipes from another mod, or you can manually insert or pull the liquid from the tank by using Buckets or similar fluid storage on the valves. Keep in mind that the fluids can only be pulled out of the tank if the valve is on the appropriate height. A valve on the bottom will always be able to pull the fluids, but a valve half way up will not be able to once the level drops below the valve.

Destroying The Structure

To destroy the tank, simply break any block that is a part of it. The Tank Valves will automatically become red again and will no longer accept fluids. However, when destroying, fluid will remain in the previous master valve, so it is a bad idea to destroy it if you want to keep the fluid. When the tank is re-formed, all remaining fluid in previous master valves will be pooled together into the new master valve with certain losses. By default, 75% of the fluid is restored, but this can be adjusted in the config file.


A Hexorium Tank.
Pipes from the mod Thermal Dynamics inputting Water into the tank.
Smallest tank at the size of 3x3x3 (1x1x1 internal).
GUI of the tank.


Hexorium Tank is a complex system designed by CelesTek Technologies with purpose of storing fluids within a large area. Thanks to the electrical properties of Energized Hexorium, the blocks used in the construction are able to send signals between the different components and allow the whole structure to work.