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Hexorium Probe
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Hexorium Probe

Hexorium Probe

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Hexorium Probe is a tool added by HEXCraft.



The probe can be crafted using a recipe that involves a few different HEXCraft components.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Hexorium Probe

White Hexorium Crystal +
Machine Control Panel +
Hexorium Coprocessor +
Iron Ingots

White Hexorium Crystal

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hexorium Probe

Iron Ingot Machine Control Panel

Hexorium Coprocessor Iron Ingot


Hexorium Probe is a tool used for obtaining info about HEXCraft machines, blocks and energy networks. It is also compatible with the BiblioCraft Tool Rack.

Machine Information

The probe can be used to provide info about certain HEXCraft machines and blocks. The probe will show detailed information like the machine name, coordinates, block type, energy stored, fluid stored and similar. To do this, simply use the probe on any of the following blocks:

Using the Hexorium Probe to show info of a Hexorium Generator.

Machine Conectivity

The probe can also list all machines connected to a certain machine, like energy drains, sources, etc. To do this, sneak-right click with the Hexorium Probe on any of the following blocks:

  • All HEXCraft energy sources.
  • All HEXCraft energy drains.
  • All HEXCraft energy ports used to make the Energy Node.
  • Energy Pylons.
Using the Hexorium Probe to list all connected machines to a Personal Teleportation Pad

HEX Energy Network Analysis

The probe is an essential tool for analyzing the HEX Energy Network. Simply sneak-right click with it on a Hexorium Cable or a Pylon Base. The probe will list all devices that are visible from that point in the network, allowing you to see if you made some wrong connections during your construction. Note that this operation is a little bit more tasking on the server, especially with bigger networks, so it is not advisable to constantly use it. In the event that the output doesn't fit in chat, simply open the chat and scroll through the output.

Using the Hexorium Probe to analyse a section of a HEX Energy Network


Hexorium Probe is an advanced tool designed to analyze machines and energy networks based on Hexorium technology. To do this, the probe uses a White Hexorium Crystal to inject data packets into machines and networks, waiting for a reply. If the block was just a machine, it will reply instantly. However, if a block was a Hexorium Cable or a Pylon Base, the packet will try to go through all cables and Energy Pylons, reaching all connected machines before returning back to the probe. The packets are then translated back into a readable format and displayed on the built in Machine Control Panel.