Hexorium Reinforcer

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Hexorium Reinforcer
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Hexorium Reinforcer

Hexorium Reinforcer

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Hexorium Reinforcer is a consumable tool added by HEXCraft.



The reinforcer can be crafted using a recipe that involves six Obsidian and one Black Hexorium Crystal. For every recipe, you will gain 12 reinforcers.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

6 Hexorium Reinforcers

Black Hexorium Crystal +

Black Hexorium Crystal
Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hexorium Reinforcer12
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian
Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian


Upgrading Decorative Blocks

Hexorium Reinforcer is a consumable tool used to upgrade the different decorative blocks added by HEXCraft. Currently, it can be applied to the following blocks:

An upgraded block has both hardness and blast resistance identical to that of Obsidian and can only be mined using a Diamond Pickaxe after the reinforcer has been applied. The texture of the block will also change to signify that is has been reinforced. To use the reinforcer, simply right click with it on the desired block. Note that breaking a reinforced block will not give you the reinforcer back and the block will return to its original non-reinforced state. One reinforcer is consumed for every block.


To reinforce a block, right click on it with the Hexorium Reinforcer.
The block has been reinforced.
Different styles of some of the reinforced blocks.


Hexorium Reinforcer is made by cutting a single Black Hexorium Crystal into six triangular crystals which are then attached to blocks of Obsidian. When this device touches the surface of a block containing Energized Hexorium, it will become absorbed, massively increasing the strength and durability of the block.