Conversion Computer

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Conversion Computer
Basic Conversion Computer.pngAdvanced Conversion Computer.png
Basic Conversion ComputerAdvanced Conversion Computer

Conversion Computer

Source Mod



Energy Node


Yes (64)



Conversion Computers are blocks added by HEXCraft used in the construction of the Energy Node multiblock structure and they come in two versions.



There are two versions of the computer: Basic and Advanced. The Advanced one is crafted by upgrading the Basic one.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Basic Conversion Computer

Energized Hexorium (Rainbow) +
Machine Control Panel +
Hexorium Processors +
Diamonds +
Iron Ingots

Iron Ingot Machine Control Panel Iron Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Basic Conversion Computer
Diamond Energized Hexorium (Rainbow) Diamond
Hexorium Processor Iron Ingot Hexorium Processor

Advanced Conversion Computer

Basic Conversion Computer +
Hexorium Processors +

Hexorium Processor Diamond Hexorium Processor Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Conversion Computer
Diamond Basic Conversion Computer Diamond
Hexorium Processor Diamond Hexorium Processor


Conversion Computers are a key component in the construction of an Energy Node. They increase the efficiency multiplier for all Energy Node Ports on that Node. Note that these values are not fixed and can be changed in the config. Please, read more in detail on the Energy Node page.

To help with recognizing which is which, the Basic Conversion Computer has two Diamond "dots" on its texture, while the Advanced one has two rows of three. Additionally, they both show a visible percentage once formed into an Energy Node.

No Conversion Computer 50%
Basic Conversion Computer 75%
Advanced Conversion Computer 100%


The two available Conversion Computers.
A Basic Conversion Computer built into an Energy Node.
An Advanced Conversion Computer built into an Energy Node.


Conversion Computer is a complicated computational device designed to boost the efficiency of Energy Nodes. A Node on its own is not so efficient, but that is where the Computers come in. They analyze the incoming and outgoing energy flows and perform tiny adjustments in the Hexorium matrices, allowing for a better and more uninterrupted flow. The Advanced version of the computer has additional processors built into it, allowing for a better performance.