Advanced Rainbow Core

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Advanced Rainbow Core
Advanced Rainbow Core.png
Advanced Rainbow Core

Advanced Rainbow Core

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Machine Components


Yes (64)



Advanced Rainbow Core is a crafting component added by HEXCraft, but also doubles as a decorative block if one so desires.



The core is obtained by a crafting recipe which involves an Energized Hexorium (Rainbow).

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Advanced Rainbow Core

Energized Hexorium (Rainbow) +
Gold Ingots +

Gold Ingot Redstone Gold Ingot Grid layout Arrow (small).png Advanced Rainbow Core
Redstone Energized Hexorium (Rainbow) Redstone
Gold Ingot Redstone Gold Ingot


Crafting Ingredient

Advanced Rainbow Core is used for the creation of the Energy Node Core (Tier 1).

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Energy Node Core (Tier 1)

Advanced Rainbow Core +
Hexorium Processors +
Blocks of Redstone

Block of Redstone Hexorium Processor Block of Redstone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Energy Node Core (Tier 1)
Hexorium Processor Advanced Rainbow Core Hexorium Processor
Block of Redstone Hexorium Processor Block of Redstone


The rainbow core can also be used as decoration. It's design is comprised of a rainbow glowing Energized Hexorium block, overlaid by dark high tech plating and a single blob of Redstone in the middle of every face. The block only comes in rainbow variety.


Advanced Rainbow Core's design.
Glow-in-dark effect.


Advanced Rainbow Core is a modified version of Energized Hexorium (Rainbow) with the ability of accepting and releasing large quantities of energy. However, the block is not useful much on its own as the transfer would be chaotic and uncontrolled. This is why the block first has to be upgraded to the Energy Node Core (Tier 1) by adding Redstone energy lines and Hexorium Processors.