Molecular Transposer

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Molecular Transposer
Molecular Transposer.png
Molecular Transposer

Molecular Transposer

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Molecular Transposer is a tool added by HEXCraft.



The transposer can be crafted using a recipe that involves a Hexorium Manipulator. The manipulator is used up when crafting the recipe.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Molecular Transposer

Hexorium Manipulator +
Machine Control Panel +
Spatial Projector +
Iron Ingot +

Iron Ingot

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Molecular Transposer

Spatial Projector Machine Control Panel

Chest Hexorium Manipulator


This tool is compatible with the BiblioCraft Tool Rack.

Swapping Colors of Decorative Blocks

The transposer can be used to swap colors of HEXCraft decorative blocks. Currently, it works with the following blocks when filled with Energized Hexorium:

And these blocks when filled with Mini Energized Hexorium:

To be able to use it, first sneak-right click with it to open the internal inventory. The inventory is made up of a single slot where Energized Hexorium or Mini Energized Hexorium is inserted. Once that is done, the Molecular Transposer changes its icon to reflect the color inserted and shows a bar which represents the number of Energized Hexorium or Mini Energized Hexorium blocks left. The tool is now ready for use. To use it, simply right click with it on a decorative block you wish to change the color of. The old Energized Hexorium or Mini Energized Hexorium is automatically received in inventory. Note that the transposer will not be usable on blocks that are part of a multiblock structure.

A filled up Molecular Transposer ready to swap colors.
The result of swapping. Old color is received in inventory.
The user interface of the transposer.


The Molecular Transposer can also be used as a weapon. It deals ten hearts of damage making it exceptionally lethal, but it spends Energized Hexorium in the process, making it expensive to use. Keep in mind that you need to right click on the enemy instead of left clicking to attack. It can be used both on players and mobs. These features can be disabled in config. It is a much less lethal weapon when filled with Mini Energized Hexorium however, dealing only 1 heart damage.


Molecular Transposer is a tool used to easily replace Energized Hexorium within already placed decorative blocks. The device is lossless and gives the user the full amount of original Energized Hexorium in exchange. The device is actually an upgrade of Hexorium Manipulator. It has a few additional components to it including a Chest to store the Energized Hexorium and a long and thick needle used to pierce the solidified Hexorium surface. The transposer first pumps out the original Energized Hexorium and then inserts new one in its place.

In addition, due to the nature of humanity, someone came up with an idea to also use it as a weapon. The transposer can be used to inject a living organism with Energized Hexorium. This is extremely lethal, not only from the trauma of injection, but also from the very nature of Hexorium. The material will quickly fill up all of the blood vessels, causing extreme pain and almost instantly death.