Hexorium-Coated Stone

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Hexorium-Coated Stone
Hexorium-Coated Stone.png
Hexorium-Coated Stone

Hexorium-Coated Stone

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Decorative Blocks


Yes (64)



Hexorium-Coated Stone is decorative block added by HEXCraft.



The stone is obtained by a crafting recipe which eight pieces of Stone and a single Hexorium crystal.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Hexorium-Coated Stone

Red Hexorium Crystal or
Green Hexorium Crystal or
Blue Hexorium Crystal or
White Hexorium Crystal or
Black Hexorium Crystal +

Stone Stone Stone Grid layout Arrow (small).png Hexorium-Coated Stone8
Stone Red Hexorium CrystalGreen Hexorium CrystalBlue Hexorium CrystalWhite Hexorium CrystalBlack Hexorium Crystal Stone
Stone Stone Stone



This block is used for decoration. Thanks to its recipe, it is the cheapest HEXCraft block available and can thus be used in large quantities. Its style is similar to a dark version of Stone with darker outlines and smoother texture. The block was primarily inspired by the Ztones' block "Korp 3".


This block can be upgraded to have hardness and blast resistance equivalent to that of Obsidian using the Hexorium Reinforcer.

Multiblock Structure

The block can also be used to construct other multiblock structures like the Hexorium Tank.


Design of a single Hexorium-Coated Stone.
A reinforced Hexorium-Coated Stone.
The block extensively used in a larger build.


Hexorium-Coated Stone is a harder variant of the regular Stone which is made by combining the normal Stone with Hexorium dust. First, a Hexorium crystal is ground to dust and then it is applied to eight pieces Stone. This causes a reaction which fuses the Hexorium and Stones together forming a stronger structure.